NC Triad: Virtual Get Hired Event

NC Triad hosts virtual get hired events that are sponsored by employers in the region

NC Triad: Virtual Get Hired Event

Get Hired, Virtually

Interview with several leading, hiring companies with job openings in the triad.

If you are looking for a new role or career move, the NC Triad: Virtual Get Hired Event is your opportunity to interview with top companies in the Triad, all from the comfort of your home. This is a series of virtual hiring events hosted by designed to connect job-seekers with lucrative, open positions.

Participating employers in the past ranged from Nestlé-PURINA Petcare to Press Glass and were hiring for a variety of positions. 

Participants are able to browse participating companies, job opportunities and speak to HR reps in real-time from computers, tablets, or smartphones. Companies at virtual career fairs are based in the NC Triad. You do not currently need to be located in the Triad region to attend, and all education and skill levels are welcome. 

Stay as little or as long as you’d like, but don’t miss this opportunity to find your best role yet!

How It Works
How It Works

What to Expect at the Virtual Career Fair

Before the Fair: 

  • Register for the fair for FREE 
  • Browse companies and open positions in the career fair lobby 
  • Update your resume 
  • Share the fair with friends and family!
  • Check out the Tips for Success tab for ideas on how to shine

During the Fair: 

  • Log on anytime during the event. (*Pro tip: Log on early to get in your favorite company’s queue ASAP!)
  • Network and interview with the companies by entering their booths and engaging in chats 
  • Make note of your favorite positions and reps for follow up 

After the Fair: 

  • Don’t forget to follow up by thanking the HR reps with your top opportunities 
  • Didn’t find your dream job? Check back here for other open positions in the region
Jobs & Skills
Jobs & Skills

In-Demand Jobs & Skills

Participating employers range from manufacturing to logistics industries and are hiring for a wide variety of positions with varying skill and education requirements.

Tips for Success
Tips for Success

Make a Great Impression Virtually

If you haven’t been to a virtual career fair before, check out the list of tips and tricks below to make a great first, virtual impression! 

  • Have your resume on hand during the fair: You’ll only have about 10 minutes or so to chat, so make sure you can answer any and all questions about your previous experience and strengths quickly and efficiently.  
  • Show them you did your homework: Check out the companies and open positions ahead of time (see the logo array above!). Really wow the HR reps by speaking to the company and positions you’re interested in.
  • Grammar and spelling matter: While instant messaging can feel a lot more informal than sitting in a conference room for an interview, this is still an opportunity to show your professionalism. Double-check your spelling and punctuation before hitting send! 
  •  Dress for the part: Even though this is virtual and will mainly take place via chat, employers have the option to request to switch to video if they’d like to speak face-to-face. Plus–dressing professionally will give you that extra boost of confidence!
  • Ask your HR rep an intentional question: Here’s your chance to shine! Time is precious during a virtual career fair, so make sure your question is original, intentional, and ACTUALLY something you’re curious about. HR reps spend hours asking questions via chat during a virtual career fair, so asking your own can give them a little break while also showing you’re seriously interested in the company.
  • Make sure you have access to WiFi: The entire event will take place on the Brazen platform online, so please ensure you have a strong internet connection during the fair.

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