Employer Sponsorships

Employer Sponsorships

Showcase Your Jobs with These Opportunities

You are invited to be featured in the NC Triad’s Recruit and Retain Talent Campaign. Creatively attract talent and connect more job seekers to your company and your available job opportunities through FindYourCenterNC.com. Showcase your industry to thousands of potential employees. Attract the talent your organization needs!

To request a sponsorship, please contact Hailey Hendrix at [email protected].

Website Spotlight
Website Spotlight

Spotlight Sponsorship Packages

Each of the Spotlight Sponsorship Packages below showcases your company on the new NCTriad website. You can choose a package that fully integrates your company on the website or highlight a job opening until it is filled.

Spotlight Success Story  ($5,000)

  • Your organization will have a Success Story Video along with key highlights about the benefits of working at your organization.
  • Your Success Story will have a highlight on the home page of the FindYourCenter website.
  • Your organization will have full access to use this video on LinkedIn, Social Media, and Job Sites.
  • Success stories will be featured on the NCTriad lifestyle Instagram page, where we will tag your company and your featured employee.
  • Digital ad campaign designed to best target your key demographics

Spotlight Job ($2,000)

  • Your organization can promote a Spotlight Job Posting that includes your logo, specific job description, and a link directly to your job posting.
  • This Spotlight Job Posting will be featured on the home page of the FindYourCenter website.
  • Your posting will be featured on the NCTriad lifestyle Instagram page, where we will tag your company and link to your company’s website.

Spotlight Partners  ($1,500)

  • Your organization’s logo and images will be found in key spots on the website. Images and logos will link directly to your organization’s website or job portal (see image left)

Social Media Feature  ($500)

  • Create a post to be featured on the NC Triad’s Instagram page
Hiring Events
Hiring Events

NC Triad Hiring Event Packages

Each of the Hiring Event Packages will provide a unique virtual hiring experience that suits your company’s needs. These packages are exclusive for companies hiring in the NCTriad. There is a minimum turnaround time of 6 weeks for any of our virtual hiring events.

Event packages include the creation of social media banners and flyers, advertising on the NCTriad site, advertising with community colleges, nearby universities, NCWorks partners, Chambers of Commerce, and other community agencies. The event will be posted on Eventbrite a media alert will be sent out to local news stations.

Single-Employer Hiring Event ($2,000)

  • Takes place over one day
  • Innovative technology that allows you to focus on the best-fit candidates
  • Access to success managers to customize and enhance your selection process
  • Access to candidate registration data, resume, and other useful candidate information
  • Live broadcast booths to engage and inform candidates about company and career paths (1 booth included in prize. $500 per additional booth)

Flex-schedule Hiring Event  ($1,800)

  • Week-long or a Weekend hiring event
  • Talent and talent seekers answer a few simple questions to best match recruiters and job seekers
  • Hiring Managers can contact talent directly or drive them to apply online
  • Includes 6 booths. $300 for any additional booths

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