Business Sectors

Business Sectors

Centered on Strong Industries

The NC Triad boasts thousands of jobs across industries that range from creative services to engineering and medical sciences. These diverse fields offer something for every skill level, whether you’re a recent grad looking to dip your toe into the workforce for the first time or a seasoned pro looking to make your mark in your industry.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Hands-On Handiwork

Manufacturing is rooted in North Carolina’s history, particularly in the NC Triad region. While this industry’s roots run deep, jobs here are constantly changing and evolving to fit the pace and needs of the modern world. Big name employers like Krispy Kreme, Mack Trucks and Reynolds-American have all found their center in the NC Triad. Will you? Take a look at our job postings to find out.

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Aerospace & Aviation

The Sky’s the Limit

As a major player in the aerospace and aviation industry, the Triad’s employment network is booming, with many companies continuing to expand their presence in this region. From the design and engineering of aircrafts to technical manufacturing roles, careers here vary greatly in nature and experience level.

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Healthcare & Biotechnology

Rooted in Research

The healthcare industry plays a key role in employment within the Triad, thanks to a strong network of local hospitals. With excellent medical programs at Wake Forest's School of Medicine, students are fast-tracked to successful careers in healthcare and related fields. The innovative nature of the Triad region also fosters cutting-edge research in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals at companies like Aestas Pharma and Drumetix.

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IT & Technology

Tech-Savvy in the Triad

As the demand for IT and tech jobs continues to grow, skilled workers are needed more than ever. In the Triad region, burgeoning tech startups are starting to see growth and attracting new employees, while traditional companies like AT&T continue to hire employees in IT and tech support roles. Not to mention, companies across a range of industries are looking for in-house IT and development skills.

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Financial Services

Financial Finesse

Major banks throughout the Triad offer positions from teller to corporate manager. With jobs in finance consistently cropping up across the region, you’re sure to find success here. Browse financial services careers below.

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Fashion & Furniture

Famously Fashionable

Fashion and furniture have historically been key industries in North Carolina. High Point is famously known for its furniture and textiles industry – shipping these high-quality goods all over the world for over a century. In addition, the High Point Furniture Market brings crowds from across the nation twice a year. Meanwhile, the fashion industry is beginning to flourish in the Triad, with job opportunities cropping up in design and sales. Find your job in fashion or furniture today.

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Teach in the Triad

A vast network of colleges and universities paired with regional public K-12 schools offer a wide range of careers in the Triad across a variety of teaching levels. Educators can browse local job boards and employer websites to find open positions below.

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Creative Services

Where Creativity Thrives

The innovative Triad region fosters a creative atmosphere for companies of various sizes – whether you’re looking to join a small marketing team, a larger creative agency or working in communications in-house. Search for job opportunities below.

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