Success Story

Aubrey Linville

Founder Linville Team Partners

From Washington, D.C. to Winston-Salem, N.C.

It is important to Aubrey Linville that the bulk of his time and energy is devoted to his family, but small business and his community in Winston-Salem also get his attention.

Aubrey was in the third grade when his family relocated from Washington, D.C. to Winston-Salem. After earning a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina State University, Aubrey created and sold several successful businesses before getting into commercial real estate at a local brokerage shop. He quickly saw his opportunity to branch out and help reinvigorate the local commercial real estate industry.

“I was 34 when I started Linville Team Partners. As we began, we found Winston’s existing business leaders to be some of the most enthusiastic and supportive resources we had. They rallied around us and helped us succeed. I am so grateful for their support and want to see the next generation of business leaders thrive in this town.”

“Our commercial real estate firm in downtown Winston-Salem works with a gamut of business owners, but small businesses are closest to the heart of our company,” said Aubrey, who founded Linville Team Partners. “We pride ourselves on being passionate connectors in our community.”

“Winston-Salem is beyond the cusp of significant growth. We’re already past the tipping point,” said Aubrey. Today, Linville Team Partners is one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in this growing community.

In addition to his business ventures, Aubrey also started the AJ Linville Foundation to help children with special needs. He has found the local community to rally around him in that venture just as much as they have with his business. Both individuals and large companies, and everyone in between, have helped the organization change the lives of many children.

Aubrey is quick to sing the praises of the community that has supported him in so many ways “The people and our culture are the difference in Winston-Salem,” he said. “People are excited and there is a lot of energy in the Triad.”

People from Pittsburg and California can’t believe how nice people are here. The southern charm is alive and well in the Triad.

Aubrey Linville

Founder | Linville Team Partners